The Sirius Professional Paper Dispensers are a must-have for any office, school, or home. These dispensers are designed to make dispensing paper quick, convenient, and mess-free. The sleek and modern design of the dispensers adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace, while the durable construction ensures that they can withstand heavy use. The easy-to-use design allows for fast and effortless dispensing, and the adjustable paper guides ensure that you can dispense paper of different sizes with ease. Whether you’re using them in a high-volume office setting, a busy classroom, or at home, the Sirius Professional Paper Dispensers are an excellent choice for all your paper dispensing needs.

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Code Description Width (mm) Height Colour Depth Capacity Material
EVO-DISP Semi-automatic roll paper dispenser 280mm 382mm WHTIE 233mm 210mm Diameter Roll White ABS
PL31PWB Modular Large Hand Towel Dispenser Unbranded 290mm 425mm White & Blue 145mm 350mm Stack Transparent PET & ABS
PL46PWB Modular Twin Jumbo Roll Dispenser Sirius Professional 345mm 194mm White & Blue 156mm x2 Mini Micro Rolls (Max Diameter 140mm) Transparent PET & ABS
PL50PWB Modular Multiflat Dispenser Sirius Professional 150mm 275mm White & Blue 130mm 230mm Staack Transparent PET & ABS
PL60PWB Modular Large Centrefeed Dispenser Sirius Professional 230mm 350mm White & Blue 235mm 205mm Diameter Roll Transparent PET & ABS
PL40PWB Modular Small Jumbo Dispenser Sirius Professional 220mm 275mm White & Blue 145mm 200mm Diameter Roll Transparent PET & ABS
PL41PWB Modular Medium Jumbo Dispenser Sirius Professional 280mm 325mm White & Blue 145mm 260mm Diameter Roll Transparent PET & ABS
PL30PWB Modular Small Hand Towel Dispenser Sirius Professional 290mm 256mm White & Blue 145mm 200mm Stack Transparent PET & ABS
PL43PWB Modular Small Stub Roll Dispenser Sirius Professional 338mm 232mm White & Blue 123mm 200mm Diameter Roll - 100mm Diameter Stub Transparent PET & ABS

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